July 16, 2014

California State Bill AB-2719

One of the biggest challenges mobile boutiques currently face is the ability to operate to their fullest potential because of the lack of laws and regulations. Because there are still very few precedents for cities to draw from, many cities choose to simply ignore the issue, resulting in the denial of a business license for mobile business owners.

About AB-2719
California State Assemblyman, Rob Bonta, recently asked the AMRA for a letter of support for the bill he created (AB-2719) and presented to California's State Finance Committee in March 2014. The goal of AB-2719 is to have the state of California create a template legislation to license and regulate mobile retail trucks (and pop-up retail shops) that any California city can easily adopt into their local ordinances. Or, at the very least, may use as a reference when creating their own legislation for the two business types.

After submitting their letter of support in March, AMRA was asked by Assemblyman Rob Bonta to attend a committee hearing at the state capitol to speak in favor of AB-2719. AMRA Founders, Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo, made the drive from Los Angeles to Sacramento where they met up with fellow bill supporter, Sarah Filley of Popuphood, and Manoj Shah of The Fashion Law Group, for a hearing on the bill. AB-2719 passed yet another hearing and is awaiting its final review in August.

What’s the next step?
AMRA is collecting as many letters of support from California city officials (mayors, council members, small business commissions, economic development centers, etc.) for the hearing in August.

What can you do?
Contact your local city officials and/or merchants associations and ask them to submit a letter of support. AMRA has a template email request and support letter that you can use when contacting your city officials. For a template, please send your request to info@americanmra.com.

All support letters can be emailed to info@americanmra.com, who will submit to Assemblyman Rob Bonta’s office prior to the hearing in August.

Why support AB-2719?
Economic: lowers barriers of entry for entrepreneurs with a reduced overhead and overall risk promotes the growth and longevity of small businesses promotes new and emerging brands creates jobs in communities additional source of tax revenue for cities
Community: create vibrant shopping experiences activate empty retail spaces with temporary retail stores increased foot traffic in local communities
Regional: measure economic impact on tax revenues and jobs legalize operations in California cities

Sponsors and Supporters of AB-2719 
  • Popuphood - a social enterprise based in Oakland, CA committed to citizenship, advocacy, revitalization of neighborhoods, and small business growth. Popuphood’s Pathways to Permanent Program consists of many applicants that are current mobile retail truck owners, who utilize this program to secure a brick-and-mortar as the next step from the truck, or as a viable option for seasonal retail. 
  • American Mobile Retail Association - a trade association of mobile retail truck owners nationwide with the mission to bring recognition and growth to the innovative industry of mobile boutiques. American MRA also offers consulting services specializing in the start-up and day-to-day operations of a mobile boutique. 
  • The Fashion Law Group - Based in Los Angeles, CA, T.F.L.G. represents the fashion, film, music, sports, startup and television industries. 
  • The Small Business Commission - oversees the Office of Small Business, the central point of information and referral for entrepreneurs and small businesses located in the city and county of San Francisco.
To track the progress of AB-2719 click HERE

To learn more about Popuphood and their involvement with AB-2719 click HERE

To learn more about Assemblyman Rob Bonta click HERE

June 1, 2014

June Webinars: Learn How to Launch and How to Operate Your Mobile Retail Business!

Are you planning the launch of your mobile retail business and need help on where to start? Or are you already operating and need help on how to keep your customers coming back? This month's webinars include the How to Launch Your Mobile Retail Business Webinar and the How to Operate A Mobile Retail Business Webinar.

How to Launch Your Mobile Retail Business Webinar

Hosted by Stacey Steffe & Jeanine Romo, creators of Los Angeles' original mobile boutique Le Fashion Truck, this 2.5-hour webinar is designed to give you the basics of what you'll need to know to open your own store on wheels. Topics include start-up costs, monthly budget averages, converting the interior and exterior, how to find the truck, an overview on various point of sale systems, social media & helpful tips. Includes a 30-minute Q&A session and a summary guide. Click here to sign up. 

Date: Sunday, June 8, 2014
Time: 10am-12pm PDT/1-3pm EDT (+ 30-minute Q&A session)
FEE: $125/person <-- Sale price! Regularly $145
Please note this service is only available as a live webinar until further notice.

How to Operate A Mobile Retail Business Webinar

You know you are going to open a Mobile Retail business... now what? Where do you get merchandise? How do you mark it up to make money? Where will you park? What can you do to ensure cash flow? Do you need an online store? All of these questions and much MORE will be answered in depth in our revised webinar 'How to Operate a Profitable Mobile Retail Business!'
Hosted by Emily Benson, owner of Boston’s favorite mobile boutique The Fashion Truck, this 2-hour webinar will give you her tips, tricks and secrets to navigating the world of mobile retail and push you to run a successful business. Includes a 30-minute Q&A session and a summary guide. Click here to sign up. 

Date: Sunday, June 22, 2014
Time: 4-6pm PDT/7-9pm EDT (+ 30-minute Q&A session)
FEE: $175/person <-- Sale price! Regularly $195
Please note this service is only available as a live webinar until further notice.